Zapio Material Eléctrico e Iluminação


ZAPIO was born in 2002, dedicated dedicated to her Technical Services, sale of electrical and mecanics products and techniques solutions for the Industry Sector, construction, maintenance and renovation of residential, tertiary and industrial buildings. Our range customers, the level of - Industry, Commerce, Hotels, Construction and Public Administration... requires us to meet needs Rigorously and Quality. Have the Customer at the center of the company, imply every day to add products and services to provide new business opportunities. In the Company, values of Work, Respect, Dedication and Commitment are instilled in all employees, without which it would not be possible to grow over the years. The Organization is another factor to highlight and is considered to be essential in the formula of success.


Create and Develop Effective solutions, Creative, Innovative and especially  Sustainable in partnership with ours customers and suppliers, in public and private spaces in order to provide a excellence service.